Thursday, December 22, 2016

How Social Commerce Turned A Housewife To An Online EntrePinay

Being a full time housewife is a noble 24/7 job, but when financial crisis sets in – a housewife must find ways to earn and help in raising funds for the family. Being employed is normally out of the question, it will eat most of the time away from home. Kung magtatayo naman ng negosyo kailangan ng kapital at karanasan. Ito ang kwento ni Joaymah Capuno, a normal housewife na naging successful online entrepinay by being a distributor of MyDivisoria PH.

Joaymah is a 36 years old wife and a mother of a lively and bubbly, five year old son. Upon getting married she made a promise na magiging full time housewife siya para maalagaan at maasikaso ang kanyang asawa’t anak. The fulfilment of being a housewife is something she really wanted since her elementary days; it brings joy to her heart and makes her feel complete. But life is not a bed of roses, when an economic downturn affected the financial well being of the family, she does not want to be a damsel in distress and let her husband work it out all alone. Pero hindi niya alam kung paano magsimulang kumita habang nasa bahay. She tried looking for online freelancing jobs as advised by her friends, but she is not that skilled when it comes to computer and the job descriptions written is something quite alien for her. Kung magtatatayo naman siya ng sari-sari store kailangan din ng kapital at halos lahat ng kapit bahay eh may sari-sari store na.

By April, a close family friend invited her to become a reseller of MyDivisoria PH. Tamang duda siya nung una but she gave it a try. Just using her Facebook and smart phone she started reselling stuffs posted at the reseller’s page of the said social commerce company. Little did she know that just by downloading and posting items to her Facebook account she is already earning and selling RTWs, sandals and other items like hotcakes. With the profits she made on the first few months she invited the company’s founder – Karlo Alamares para bumisita at turuan siya kung paano maging distributor for the province of Tarlac. 

Joaymah and her team of resellers where trained and taught the basics of Social Media Marketing and how to use Facebook effectively in selling their products. With a number of resellers under her command, Joaymah became the sole distributor of the province of Tarlac, with orders worth P20,000 – P30,000 (gross) per week. This Christmas season, she is flocked by numerous orders from her resellers and direct buyers. A Merry Christmas indeed for her and her family. Ang kinaganda ng MyDivisoria PH business model is that it is easy to execute (Facebook is universal and user friendly), pwedeng simulan ng walang kapital (as she started by pre orders) and there is the all out support of the staff and founders of the company.

From housewife to online entrepinay and distributor – the journey of Joaymah Capuno is a story worth to be told. Isang kwento ng isang nanay na naging online entrepinay, an inspiration to all the mothers out there who wants to become micro entrepreneurs while staying at home. If she can do it, other full time mothers out there surely can do it to.

To know more about MyDivisoria PH and their reseller’s program:

Author Bio :
Ronaldo Lenon G. Borja is a Marketing & Advocacy Officer of MyDivisoria PH. An Economist and enlightened activist rolled into one. An academician and social entrepreneur by heart.(email: / mobile: +639053640846)


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