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SOULFOOD by Bo-Let Money Make You Holy 

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Isa sa pumipigil sa atin para yumaman ay ang katotohanan na ayaw naman talaga nating yumaman dahil na rin sa maling paniniwala natin ukol sa pera. Karamihan sa atin ay pinaniwala na “Money is the root of all evil” which is ang totoong nakasaad sa bible sa 1 Timothy 6:10 ay "For the LOVE of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs."

Ang Pera ay hindi mabuti, at hindi rin masama. Nagiging mabuti ito o masama depende kung sino ang may hawak nito.Maaari kang maging sakim o gahaman nang dahil sa pera o maaaring mas mapalapit ka sa diyos kung gagamitin mo ang iyong pera sa maka-diyos na gawain o sa pagtulong sa kapwa.

Nais kong ibahagi sa inyo ang artikulo mula kay Bo Sanchez na pinamagatang "Let Money Make You Holy", shocking isn't it?

Enjoy Reading!

Let Money Make You Holy
(by : Bo Sanchez)

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Yes, money can make you holier!

      This can be a shock to some of you.

      I’ve met people who say, “Earning too much money means I’ll not be pleasing to God anymore.”

      I don’t agree.

      I believe that if you handle money the way God wants you to handle money, and then it’ll draw you closer to Him. 

       There’s a big difference between sayings, “I want to get rich for myself!” and “I want to earn more so I can bless the world!”

       The gulf between these two is astronomical.

       One will give you peace.  The other, misery.

       The latter will give you wings for your flight to Heaven.  The former?  A special necklace with a ten-ton boulder as pendant.

      Personally, I’ve made my choice a long time ago.

      I want the wings!

      I want to earn money and love God with every cent I have.

      Because of these beliefs, for many years now, I give a lot of my income away, and have enormous joy doing so.

      Friends, you have a choice.

       You can let money make you evil and corrupt and selfish and miserable.  Or you can let money make you closer to God and happy forever.  As the Bible says, Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.  (2 Corinthians 9:10)

      Ask yourself: Has your money made you holier?  Or has it made you un-holier?

Work On Your Soul First—
And Later On, Your Money

      Remember: If you’re spiritual and emotional life can’t handle the financial blessing, it will destroy you.  Because your spiritual and emotional life is the basis for your financial life.

      Why? I believe a healthy spiritual and emotional life will make you faithful, loyal, humble, loving, honest, and responsible—stuff you need for earning AND managing your money.

      Let me tell you a story about my friend Sally (You know this isn’t her real name.)  For years, Sally was struggling financially.  Because she couldn’t keep a stable job.  I remember she even had to borrow money from me to attend our prayer meetings.

      One day, Sally’s father was killed in an accident at work—and his company was partly at fault.  The company was afraid of being sued and so gave my friend’s family millions in an out-of-court settlement.

       Sally was now awash with a sea of money!  From someone who had no transportation money to attend a prayer meeting, she now drove a brand new car.  Ironically, she stopped attending the prayer meeting because she said she became too busy with her “new” life.

       But after two years, we were shocked to hear that Sally sold her car as all the money she had was now gone. 

       Soon, Sally went back to begging for transportation money so that she could attend our prayer meetings again.

       Such a sad story.

       What happened?

      Sally’s spiritual and emotional life wasn’t ready for the amount of money she received.

       I urge you: Work on your soul first—and later—your wallet.

      May your dreams come true,

      Bo Sanchez

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