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SOULFOOD by Bo - Do You Have An Abundance Mindset?


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Madalas sa ating mga pinoy, aminin natin, may mga taong may "scarcity mentality". sila yung mga taong parating nagrereklamo sa buhay. Pakiramdam nila, laging may kulang at pinagkakaitan sila lagi ng tadhana. Walang mga oportunidad na dumarating sa kanila. Wala silang "swerte" ika nga nila.

Sa kabilang banda, may mga tao namang may "abundance mentality" na laging nakakakita ng oportunidad sa lahat ng pagkakataon. may positibong pananaw sa buhay, kaya naman mas nilalapitan ng "swerte" or mas magandang sabihin na "bunga" ito ng kanilang pagsisikap. dahil ang taong may abundance mindset ay may "positive thinking" at sinasamahan ng "positive actions" kaya naman, may "positive results"! :)

Let me share with you another inspiring article from Bro. Bo Sanchez about on how to have an abundance mindset. :)

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Do You Have An Abundance Mindset?
(by: Bro. Bo Sanchez)

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There’s enough money out there.
Some people are trapped into a “scarcity” mentality, they think you have to be crooked, dishonest, and a thief to grab the little money that is floating around.  That’s not true.  God has created an ample world, enough for everyone.
To make money, you NEED to have an abundance mindset…
All around you are opportunities to earn money.  Vast opportunities!  But in order to see them, you need to train your mind to think that there are opportunities out there.  If you believe that there are none, then you’ll have an incredibly hard time finding those moneymaking opportunities.  Because your mind will start looking for things that will prove your expectations!

Change your expectations.  Think abundance.  The Bible says, I will surely make you prosper and will make your descendants like the sand of the sea, which cannot be counted.  (Genesis 32:12)

Opportunities Are All Around You
Many years ago, just for fun, during one summer vacation, I enrolled the Anawim orphans for vocational courses in a government-run school.  (NOTE: Today, our orphans ministry is Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, while Anawim is focused on the abandoned elderly.)  The choices were many, but my little girls took up cosmetology and one guy took up air-conditioning maintenance. 
They weren’t studying these courses to work but just to expand their horizons.  But I was amazed at this little government school: After graduation, they’d actually assist the students to find them real jobs.  And my kids had classmates who started working and earning money on their own before they even graduated from that measly three-week course.
But when we drove back home and passed through the little barrio where Anawim was located, I saw the same sorry site I see everyday: jobless people sitting in front of their homes, doing nothing.  I remember asking some of them, “Why don’t you apply for work?”  They’d tell me, “I didn’t finish school.”  When I encourage them to study something—anything—they‘d say they don’t have money, they don’t have the time, they don’t have the courage…
But in reality, they’re trapped in a scarcity mentality.  They believe the rich have cornered the wealth of this world and they now can only collect the breadcrumbs that fall from their table.
That’s not true.  Money is everywhere.
Do you believe that there is money out there waiting for you?  And do you believe that it’s just a matter of hooking up yourself to the right opportunity?
By the way, this is not the prosperity gospel that I’m preaching, but a practical gospel.  I believe that God has provided enough for our needs and more than enough to be generous if we open ourselves to that provision and work.

Have an abundance mindset.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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