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SOULFOOD by Bo - Believe in Your Capacity To Make Money

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Do you BELIEVE in your CAPACITY to make MONEY?!?
Let me share with you another inspiring article from Bro. Bo Sanchez..

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Believe in Your Capacity To Make Money

( By Bro. Bo Sanchez)

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Remember that your perception of yourself is your reality
How you define yourself will how you will act.  If you believe that you’re lazy, inept, weak, dim-witted individual—that’s how you will act.  Your definition of yourself are self-fulfilling prophecies.  Why?  Because as human beings, one of our greatest needs is consistency.  You will find yourself acting consistently with your self-concept and self-definition.
          My most vivid experience with this incredible truth came during my student life many years ago.
All my life, I defined myself as a C-student.  My most sublime goal in school was to get a grade passed 75%.  Why?  Because that was my self-concept.  I never saw myself as academic, studious, or intelligent.  That wasn’t me…
       But something happened along the way.  On my third year in college, I had to quit to work full-time for a community project.  One day, someone asked me if I wanted to take up post-graduate studies in theology as night classes.  I told him I wasn’t qualified because I wasn’t a college graduate.  But when the Dean of the school talked to me and learned of my volunteer work, he said I could take the course if I wanted to.  They’d just keep my Masters diploma until I finish my college degree.
       But in those classes, I was surrounded by priests, nuns, and seminarians, and my mind was challenged. 
And my paradigm-shift took place after my first exam.  Our professor wrote down on the blackboard the five top students of the test.  I wasn’t even paying attention until someone tapped my shoulder to take a look.  I found my name in number one position, beside the words, “perfect score”.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.
       After class, I remained glued to my seat, still gazing at that blackboard.  My whole being was in shock.  “You mean all this time,” I reprimanded myself, “I was wrong?  That I can be bright?”
       That day changed my life.  My self-concept was transformed forever.  I went through that Masters program picking A’s every time I took an exam.  I then went back to the last two years of my college years with vengeance.  Whatever class I took, be it statistics, science, philosophy, or literature, I was in the honors list. I was a changed man!
Let me go back to my main topic: Ayn Randsays, Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think.  If in your thinking, you believe that you can’t earn enough money for your family, then you won’t.  If you see yourself as a C-employee or worse, an F-businessman, then that’s what you will be.  If this is your self-concept, then that’ll be your life forever.  Sometimes, people are trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty, handed down in their families from one generation to another.  Their very family identity is indelibly wedged and welded with poverty.  They see themselves, define themselves, describe themselves as poor.  I’ve seen this phenomenon so many times in my work, I think it’s an epidemic.
I am totally convinced that we are limited by our own core beliefs, and if we have small beliefs about ourselves, then we will remain small forever.
But if you believe in your heart that you can create money, then you can.
Your Creator has given you this capacity to earn money—for yourself, for your family, for your Life-Dreams.  Use it!
Create a paradigm shift for yourself right now.
Believe in your capacity to make money.
Write a financial goal for yourself for the next year.  No, don’t just think about it—write it down!  And then let your mind stretch and plan how you can make that goal a reality.
       May your dreams come true,
       Bo Sanchez


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