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The Stock Market &The TrulyRichClub

Mabuhay mga ka-Noypi!

Sinong nagsabing ang Stock Market ay para lang sa mga milyonaryo? ;)
Nope. Definitely Not!
Ito ay para sa lahat ng taong may pangarap sa buhay!
Change your mindset now!
Let me share with you an article from Bo Sanchez …

The Stock Market & The TrulyRichClub
(Excerpts from Bo Sanchez’ article “How to be a Billionaire”)

A True Story

My three house helpers now partly own Ayala Land and Manila Water Co. Because they invest in the Stock Market.
       How did they do it?
       They changed their mindset.
       They now have a goal: To retire with P5 Million in 20 years.
       And I taught them a very simple system.
       Each week, I meet my driver and my three helpers for prayer, sharing, and bible study.  In these meetings, I coach them spiritually and financially.
       For years, I noticed that nothing is left in their salaries. All their money goes to their families back home.
       So I taught them a very simple system that changed their lives. If they can do it, you can do it too.

I discussed this system fully in my Ebook, My Maids Invest In The Stock Market… And Why You ShouldToo!
If you’re a TrulyRichClub member, you already received this.
Every month, I also send to my TrulyRichClub members a Stocks Update. Through it, I tell them what Stocks to buy, when to buy them, and when to sell them. To join, simply log on at now.

(Warning: There are many scams out there that lure ignorant people from their hard-earned money and run away. Please be careful. If you have any questions, I’ve provided email addresses below for you to email).

       Are you ready to change your financial life?
Let me end by giving you step-by-step instructions on what to do next…

Step 1: Invest 30% of your Income, Live on 70%
       Why 30%?
       First, invest 10% in the Kingdom of God.  This is your investment for eternity.  Tithing is your greatest investment. You tithe to the spiritual family that nourishes your soul.
       Second, invest 20% into your Retirement Fund. For most, it’ll be in Mutual Funds or the Stock Market. For a few others, it’ll be in business and properties.
       And then live on 70% of your income. Simplify!

Step 2: Invest First Before Spending
That’s why the Bible says to give Him the “first fruits”.
When you receive your salary, set aside your 30% right away. Don’t spend first and then invest what’s left. From experience, nothing will be left.

Step 3: Choose Between Mutual Funds or Stock Market
If you have fifty million or more, and if you’re sixty plus years old, I’ll point you to Bonds and even Banks to keep your money.

       But for the rest of us, choose between Mutual Funds or the Stock Market to invest your long-term savings. By long-term, I mean 10 years or more. Each month, you add. But you don’t subtract. Call it your Retirement Fund to brainwash your mind that you won’t touch it.

       What’s the difference between Mutual Funds and the Stock Market? In Mutual Funds, you pay a company to manage your funds. Like Philequity or Prudential Optima or ATR Kim Eng and Sunlife Financials or Philam Asset Management… For a small management fee, they take care of your investments. Many insurance companies also combine insurance products with investments, and you can look at those too.

       But if you invest in the Stock Market directly, you manage it yourself.  Obviously, you earn more if you learn to invest well.
       And yes, you can also do both.
       To avoid confusion (and to avoid scams), I’ve written down some resources for you to call or email below.

Mutual Fund Resources

If you like to invest in Mutual Funds, you can email my friends Lyndon Malanog and Fely Santiago. They’ll be happy to assist you. You can email Fely at or Lyndon now. They can also help you grow in your financial journey by giving you more opportunities to learn.

Stock Market Resources

       If you’re interested in investing in the Stock Market directly, you can log on at (now, and attend their seminars. Or call them up at Tel. 6333777. For more information, you can also email,

*Note : Citiseconline updated their website to . Visit COL Financial now! to open an account to COL, click here.

       If you want my personal guidance on investing in Stocks, join my private group called TrulyRichClub.  Each month, I email you a Stocks Update, giving you in plain English (no financial jargon) how to grow your Stocks investments. I tell you what Stocks to buy, when to buy them, and when to sell. Our long-term goal is 20% growth or more every year. To join, log on at now.

Do It Now.

Last week, a 5-year old little girl came up to me and showed me her prayer card. She wrote, “I want to earn P1 Billion.”
If you showed that card to another Preacher, he would have patted the child on the head and say, “Be realistic. Aim for a lower number.”
Worse, another preacher would have said, “Little child, don’t dream of becoming rich. Stay poor and God will be pleased.”

You know what I told her? I told her, “Your dream will come true.”
I don’t only say that with faith.
Because today, I taught you how to express that faith through works.
Sometimes, people blame God for being poor.
Sometimes, they say that to be poor is their fate.
Some people even think God wants them to be poor to learn humility and total dependence on Him.
That’s all rubbish.

Because God has placed abundance in your finger tips.
God has given all that you need to prosper.
If you’re young, you can become a billionaire.
If you’re not so young, you can still become a multi-millionaire.
Today is the day that your life can change.

       Make a decision that enough is enough.
       I repeat: Don’t wait for better times before you invest.
       The best time to invest is when your money is small.
       That 5-year old girl has to invest now.
       Grow your money.
       Start investing.

       May your dreams come true,
       Bo Sanchez

P.S. Avoid Confusion. Get guidance. Join my TrulyRichClub. Every month, receive my WealthStrategiesNewsletter, my PowerTalks, myStocks Update every month. Immediately, you’ll also receive my Ebook, My Maid Invests In TheStock Market… And Why You Should Too!To join, log on at now!     

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