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Pesos and Sense : Investing guides for newbies

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Magandang araw mga ka-Noypi!

Para sa mga newbie investors at sa mga kababayan natin na nagpaplanong mag-invest sa Stock Market,
I suggest na panuorin nyo ang lahat ng episodes ng Pesos and Sense, An educational TV 
show that covers a wide range of personal finance and investment topics that typically intimidates the average Filipino, including investing in the stock market, mutual funds, insurance, budgeting and debt management etc.  Their goal is to empower Filipinos by teaching simple and practical knowledge in making independent and wise choices in handling their money.  

[photo credit : pesos and sense]

 Alam nyo ba na dito nagsimulang mamulat ang aking isipan sa mundo ng Stock Market(yes!).
  Mula nang mapanuod ko ang 1st episode ng Pesos and Sense, nagkainteres na ako sa pagiinvest sa stock market at pinanuod ko ang lahat ng episodes. Hanggang ngayon,inuulit-ulit ko syang pinapanuod dahil talaga namang napakarami nating matututunan dito sa larangan ng investing! Tara samahan nyo ako sa mundo ni Aya Laraya. Sino sya? kilalanin natin sya at ang Pesos and Sense!

    Aya Laraya is the host of the Pesos and Sense. He has 25 years of finance and investment experience. He is a Certified Securities representative, a Certified Investment Company representative, a Realtor, and a Writer with an MBA from University of Western Australia. He started his stint in the stock market as a simple runner for the old Philippine Stock Exchange. On top of being a licensed stockbroker, he gained relevant experience from other industries such as mutual funds, real estate and banking. He also shared his financial wisdom with the youth as a professor at the Ateneo de Manila University.Most importantly, he's capable of the plain talk that helps him translate intimidating finance terms into language a layman can understand.(source: http://pesosandsense.com/about/)

Ngayong kilala na natin si Aya Laraya, pasukin na natin ang mundo nya, at sama-sama tayong matuto ng ibat-ibang uri ng investments sa bawat episodes ng Pesos and Sense!

Sa unang episode ng programa, ang unang guest ni Aya ay si Bro. Bo Sanchez . Sa mga hindi pa nakakakilala kay Bro. Bo, here’s a little introduction about him : 

[Bo Sanchez is the author of many bestselling books and publisher of seven magazines. Bo also has a weekly TV show, a daily Radio program on Radio Veritas  and a daily internet TV show called www.preacherinbluejeans.com.
Bo is also an international speaker, travelling extensively around the world. He founded many organizations, such as Anawima special home for the abandoned elderly and the poorest of the poor, and Shepherd’s Voicea media group that publishes the widest read inspirational literature in the country. He also founded the Light of Jesus Community and the Light of Jesus Counselling CenterThrough this, he founded two gatherings, the annual inspirational convention Kerygma Conference (which was founded on 2006) and the weekly fellowship and worship The Feastto know more about Bo Sanchez, click here.]
Follow Bo Sanchez, visit the following sites:

Ngayong nakilala na rin natin si Bro Bo Sanchez, Are you ready to enter the world of investing?!
   Tara na! Let's watch these videos...
   Episode 1/ Season 1 / (1 of 4) : Introduction on investing w/ Bo Sanchez


Episode 1/ Season 1 / (2 of 4) : Introduction on How to invest in the Stock Market

Episode 1/ Season 1 / (3 of 4) : How to open an account with CitisecOnline(Update : Now, COL Financial, Inc.)

Episode 1/ Season 1 / (4 of 4) : Q & A about Stock Market w/ Aya Laraya

*For complete episodes of Pesos & Sense videos, click here.

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