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SOULFOOD by Bo - Time is your greatest ally

Time is your greatest ally!

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Invest When Your Money Is Small

Proverbs 21:20 says, The wise man saves for the future but the foolish man spends whatever he gets.

Are you wise?

Let me tell you the story of Jack and Jill. 

Jack and Jill went up the hill to get a pail of water.

Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. 

And the people who saw the horrific accident, 

they sang and clapped their hands, “Lalalalalala…” (Our nursery rhymes are 

very strange.)

If all this time, you’ve always been wondering what happened to Jack and Jill

after their fall, now you’ll now.

Jack had brain surgery and he recovered.

But he had no health insurance—and his high medical expenses made Jack’s 

family very poor. This experience 

changed his life. The emotional pain created an inner resolve in him.

Jack told himself, “When I grow up, I’ll never be poor!”

At age 15, he started a small business.

Everyday, he sold peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to his classmates. 

Every month, he earned P2500, which he invested in the Stock Market. 

His uncle advised him to buy the stocks of strong, solid, great companies.

 For the next 5 years, he was faithful with his investments. 

When he reached 20 years old, he volunteered in Anawim, a ministry for the

poorest of the poor. 

He received only a small allowance and didn’t have any savings. 

From then on, he couldn’t add to his investments anymore.  

Jill Saved At Age 27

Jill had a different life story.

The fall from the hill didn’t affect her too much.

No traumas. Except for a few scratches, she was okay.

She lived a happy-go-lucky life and didn’t save at all.

She worked as a mountain climbing instructor. 

So her fall from the hill affected her after all, at least 

subconsciously. She made it her lifelong goal to prevent people from falling.

But she lived like everyone else—spending her salary on “stuff”. 

Nothing was left at the end of the month.

But when she was 27 years old, Jack called up Jill and invited her again to 

“Go to a prayer gathering called the Feast.” 

There, she heard a handsome preacher say that it’s okay to be rich if your 

heart is in the right place.

That experience changed her life. 

At 27 years old, she began to save P2500 a month. And like Jack,

 she also invested it in the Stock Market—the 

same strong, solid, great companies that Jack invested in.

She was so faithful to her investments, she didn’t stop until she reached 65

 years old.

Happy Retirement

One day, when they were both 65 years old, Jack and Jill had lunch together after the Feast. 

While waiting for their dessert, Jack said, “My service in Anawim is so happy 

and fulfilling. 

 But I guess at my age, I think I’m ready to retire.”

Jill said, “Me too. At 65, it’s getting a bit difficult to climb mountains.”

That was when Jack touched her hand said, “Jill, remember that day we went

 up the hill to fetch a pail of water?”

“Yes,” Jill said. “You fell down and broke your crown and I came tumbling

 after. How can I forget?”

“Do you know why I fell?”


“Instead of looking at where I was going, I kept looking at you.  I had a big 

crush on you.”

Jill blushed. “You did? Jack, I had a big crush on you too!”

For a few minutes, both of them couldn’t stop laughing.

Jack Pops The Question

That was when Jack looked at Jill and said, “I’m 65 years old.  I don’t have 

much time left.”

 He knelt on the floor, held her hand, and asked, “Jill, will you marry me?”

Tears filled her eyes, and she said, “Yes!”

After a few hours of celebrating their old new love, they sat down to discuss 

their finances.

“How much money did you invest?” Jill asked.

Jack said, “That was a long time ago. For 5 years, from age 15 to 20, I

 invested a total of P150,000.”

“That small?” Jill looked at him with pity. She said, “For 38 years, from age 27 to 65,

 I invested a total of P1.17M.”

“Wow,” gushed Jack. “I’m marrying a rich woman.”

“I’ll take care of you,” she squeezed his hand. “But I wonder how much money

 we have?”

“Let’s take a look.”

Both of them called up their Stock Broker.

Both were totally shocked…

For Those Who Like To Look At Tables

  Here’s what happened…

Jack                           Jill 

15   30,000                  0

16   30,000                  0

17   30,000                  0

18   30,000                  0

19   30,000                  0

20   30,000                  0

21   0                          0

22   0                          0

23   0                          0

24   0                          0

25   0                          0

26   0                          0

27   0                          30,000

28   0                          30,000

29   0                          30,000

30   0                          30,000

31   0                          30,000

32   0                          30,000

33   0                          30,000

34   0                          30,000

35   0                          30,000

36   0                          30,000

38   0                          30,000

39   0                          30,000

40   0                          30,000

41   0                          30,000

42   0                          30,000

43   0                          30,000

44   0                          30,000

45   0                          30,000

46   0                          30,000

47   0                          30,000

48   0                          30,000

49   0                          30,000

50   0                          30,000

51   0                          30,000

52   0                          30,000

53   0                          30,000

54   0                          30,000

56   0                          30,000

57   0                          30,000

58   0                          30,000

59   0                          30,000

60   0                          30,000

61   0                          30,000

62   0                          30,000

63   0                          30,000

64   0                          30,000

65   0                          30,000

Total Amount Investment:

Jill: P1.17Million

Jack: P150T

Total Retirement Money if it Grew at 20% A Year

Jill: P220M

Jack: P1 Billion

Jill Is A Multi-Millionaire;
Jack Is A Billionaire

       If Jack grew his money at 20% a year by investing in great, solid 

companies through the Stock Market,

 he’s now a billionaire.

       He did that by investing P150T some 45+ years ago.

Jill, because she invested late by 12 years, even if she invested a much 

bigger amount,

 P1.17M, has P220M “only”.

Are you 50 or below? You can retire with a few millions.

Are you 40 or below? You can retire with tens of millions
Are you 30 or below? You can retire with hundreds of millions.

Are you 15 or below?  You can retire with a billion.


Sow in time of famine.

       Don’t wait for better times before you invest.

       Don’t wait when you have excess money.

       Invest now while your money is small.

       Because your greatest ally is time.

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